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About Me

Like many children, I grew up fascinated with fairy tales and adventure stories. When I was 7, I started writing my own stories about unicorns and robots. As an adult I still write mainly fantasy and sci-fi.

I write both short stories and novels, mostly for an adult audience. While I enjoy dabbling, my writing often contains themes of identity, environmentalism, folklore, and family. I have a particular love of writing science-fantasy, dark fantasy, and worlds with dystopic vibes.

I'm also an avid gamer (my particular skill is dying) and when I'm not writing, I can often be found yelling at my screen. My favourite game series are Final Fantasy and Dragon Age.

​My love of folklore originally came from music and I adore British folk, especially folk rock or metal. A friend once accused me of knowing too many songs about sex and murder. They weren't wrong, but that's 90% of folk music. I like a range of music from classical to heavy metal, but after folk my main listening is symphonic metal. Be warned, I will sing along. I also play violin and mandolin. My favourite song is Tam Lin, especially the Fairport Convention version on Liege and Lief.

I enjoy baking when someone else is around to eat it (because I enjoy eating it a bit too much), and I will fight to death that tea is better than coffee. Also, that teapots are a necessity. As I own a rapier, a fencing foil, and two battle lightsabres, I do mean it when I say I'll duel you on this matter. I also enjoy photography and will come home from any holiday with at least a thousand pictures.

If you also enjoy these things, please come hang out with me on social media. 

Twitter: @AletheaRLyons

TikTok: AletheaRLyons


Instagram: AletheaRLyons

About Me: About Me
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