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Alethea Lyons

Tales of Fantasy, Folklore, & Fae

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How lovely to meet you. Please feel free to have a look around and a cup of tea.

I'm a writer of mostly long-form fiction with a particular love for folklore, science-fantasy, and dark, dystopian vibes.

My debut novel, The Hiding, is published by Brigids Gate Press and is available through Amazon and most online bookstores. See below for more info along with details about some of my worlds and characters.

There are also links to where you can buy my published short stories.

Please feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the home page or come hang out on social media.

The Hiding: Order Online in Paperback, Hardback, or Ebook

Twitter: @AletheaRLyons

TikTok: AletheaRLyons


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The Seer of York

Book 1 - The Hiding - Available in paperback, hardback, & ebook

Book 1.5 - Reawakening - To be published 3rd September 2024

Book 2 - The Somnia - To be published March 2025.

Stories set in a dark, alternate version of York where magic and the secret police are feared in equal measure.

To protect people on both sides of the Veil,

Harper forms an unusual group of crime-solvers:

Harper, a witch and archivist at the Minster;

Grace, her foster-sister, vet, demonhunter and goddaughter to the archbishop

Heresy, a deception demon (sorry, illusion spirit)

Saqib, a forensic supernaturalist

AJ, a techno-witch

and Fionn, who is a cat... mostly.

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Short Stories

And Where To Buy Them

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The Fae Queens' War

Book 1 - Seeking the Light - Complete 

Book 2 - Crossfire Drafting

Book 3 - TBC

Prequel - Legend of the Bard - Querying

A science-fantasy series with a twist of cyberpunk and romance.

Seeking the Light Aesthetic.JPG

For hundreds of years, fae and humans shared the world. There was balance between natural and synthetic, between order and chaos, but there was never peace.

The Fae Courts vied for power: one at peace with humans, one determined to rid the world of their blight. The Unseelie Court's triumph was short-lived. Although they imprisoned the Seelie Queen, they were banished from Danu. Few remained, but those few were still determined to undo humanity.

Humans waged wars between nations, racing to build deadlier weapons and more powerful technology. They polluted the air, killed nature, and slaughtered each other.

The realms unravelled.

Eventually, humans reached an uneasy peace, banning the technology that almost destroyed them. Yet war remained. Hidden in the shadows of a rebuilt world, fae and humans continued their bitter struggle.

After centuries of conflict, victory is almost at hand, but the cost will be more destructive than anyone knows.

Seeking the Light and its sequels are set during this time.

Legend of the Bard is set 300 years earlier, just before the world is almost destroyed.

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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is a science-fantasy dystopia set in a world where magic and witches are strictly controlled. Although technologically advanced, the world relies on magic rather than electricity to keep it running. Since the fall of the elves, that magic has become scare and difficult to control. If humans are to keep the decadent lifestyle they enjoy and win their war against the dragons, they will need to find a way to breed the magic they need, regardless of what the witches want.

Considered too weak to be worth the time of a Knight, Luna has spent most of her life locked in the Spire. Most witches dream of being bonded with a Knight to help them control their painful magic and so they can leave the Spire safely. Luna dreams of escaping with her lover and living a quiet life in the forest. When her lover is bonded and sent to war, she must follow to find Ella and to find herself.

05. Changeling MC.png


Humans live in biospheres above the toxic planet that has turned against them. Fae lives in the bowels of the earth, emerging to battle the plants they once nurtured. Both want to find the treasures lost when the world fell apart: technology and magic which could rebuild their planet, or destroy their enemies.

Switched at birth with a changeling, the fae  raised Ilaina to go where they could not. She knows how to fight, how to manipulate magic, and how to survive in the irradiated jungles of the surface. Yet even she can't reach the treasure that would buy her freedom. Until she meets a young man, apparently human, who appears to have all the answers...

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A dark academia fantasy that's determined to be YA even though I keep trying to write it as adult.

The City of a Thousand Doors awaits.

Dangerous, crowded, and full of intrigue, it's the perfect hiding place for Skye, a socially anxious slip-and-nick in training. No one sees her. No one is supposed to. Until she meets Kai. That anyone perceives her is an annoyance, but that it should be a mage, and one working for the ruler of the city, does not bode well. 

When the thief is stolen from in turn, Skye must head into the labyrinth at the heart of the city to reclaim what is hers. If she can beat Kai to it and avoid the traps of the labyrinth itself.


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